Working with our partner organizations, we provide a wide range of services including:

  • Employment opportunities at our work centres where our Happiness Interns work on assembling various products like Box of Happiness or Awareness Socks which are sold online.
  • Access to skill building and formal employment opportunities in various private sector organizations.
  • Guidance with getting disability certificates that help individuals get the privileges defined by the government. In order to get access to benefits, the 1st step is to get a disability certificate.
  • Affordable access to specialized equipment required from infancy to adulthood for example, hearing aids, prosthetics among others.
  • Learning support using technology that keeps in mind the needs, abilities and contexts of individuals.
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Providing daily care and support to individuals with various disabilities can be a daunting task. In For The Cause acts as a platform to provide services such as:

  • Information about public and private resources and guidance that help in providing the right care and support for different cognitive and physical disabilities.
  • Access to local and regional counseling, support groups and communities that help families learn from each other through partners like SHEROES 
  • Legal guidance with respect to understanding what the law has attributed for its citizens. Changing legal frameworks will need constant interpretations in language which is easier to follow.
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In For The Cause helps corporates and private sector organizations

  • Raise internal awareness and sensitivity around various types of intellectual and physical disabilities through employee workshops and other means.
  • Organize physical events and digital meet-ups that help raise awareness around specific disabilities.
  • Provide a platform through which companies can make their product and services available to help improve the lives of people with disability.
  • Bring impactful designs to life that understand the context, emotions and mind states of disabled people across digital assets or physical spaces.
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