Ansal University Engagement Workshop
10:00AM to 09:00PM - February 11, 2018

Thought behind these workshops is to sensitise people to various disabilities, their manifestations and how empathy can yield betterlearning outcomes.


One such workshop was held for the Professors of Ansal University at the Engineering Department.  Here they participated in role plays enacting on few of the 21 disabilities. They emotedbeautifully with their acts that conveyed what was expected ofthem.Using coffee as a medium, the professors also worked on muslin clothto express themselves creatively. This was therapeutic and relaxingfor them. Lastly, the professors were asked to create a short story using few words given and barring words like friends, family etc. The objective was to create stories usingdiversity, inclusion and partnership. The activity was engaging and

Interestingand left us with few amazing creative write-ups.

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